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Eureka Academy provides a series of learning opportunities supported by an experienced and caring staff with various teaching resources to help every students achieve their full potential in academic excelsior.

Why Eureka

A wise choice for an erudite parent
imageProfessionalEureka fields a group of professional teachers with an international background.
Certified and well-trained, you may find professional staff that suits your particular learning style.
imageAdvancedWith the constantly updated course material powered by the latest teaching technology and progress management system, all students at Eureka enjoy state of the art learning experience.
imageCaringEvery student at Eureka is assigned with a dedicated TA to handle any course-related question.
All our teaching staff are trained to provide individualized care and attention during the courses.


Comprehensive Courses


A variety of 30+ different AP Courses are offered
to further students' academic advantages


Math, Computer Science,
Biology, Physics and Chemistry

Language Tests


What's the story behind our product?

Be Enlightened Be Discovered
Academic excellence is the key to secure your success in college application.At Eureka Academy, we specialize in comprehensive, intensive, and effective training across a range of courses and subjects tailored to the college application process.
Our mission is to illuminate your academic journey and help you stand out in the eyes of college admissions.

With our guidance, you will Be Enlightened in your studies and Be Discovered by your dream colleges.

Join us, and embark on a path where your potential will shine brightly and your ambitions will find their perfect match.

What are they saying about us?

W CheungU Penn
Class of 2027
"My SAT Reading was a total mess before I met Teacher B**** at Eureka. After just a couple of classes, I felt like I got 'Zen-ed'—everything suddenly clicked and made sense. I ended up with a 780 in R& W! I definitely recommend Eureka."
Marie KwokUCLA Engineering
"Thanks to Eureka, I scored 5s on 8 AP courses in just my sophomore and junior years! The TAs are super dedicated and always there to help. The teachers are amazing too—they’re always ready to lend a hand whenever I get stuck."
Taylor SamUC San Diego
Class of 2027
“Eureka helped me secure a transfer offer to UCSD. The teachers are patient and responsive and helped me powered through 3 though courses with As.”

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